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The PlatinCoin is based on Litecoin Technology. It is not only a new generation of cryptocurrency but, together with the PlatinCoin Cryptosystem, also an extremely flexible and multifunctional platform that allows everybody to create a wide variety of daily business operations without the delay of payment for goods and services, for example such simple things as the purchase of your daily coffee, online purchases or payments for your international travel insurance.

The PlatinCoin is designed to become the most used cryptocoin worldwide, especially by international users not being able to own a bank account. Its underlying blockchain technology facilitates the daily high volume of payments. PlatinCoin provides fast, inexpensive, international and secure transfers by form of immediate payment. The advantages of PlatinCoin will appropriately address the respective payment needs of individual as well commercial users like merchants and service providers. In addition, the introduction of the PlatinCoin Debit Card will further contribute to the commercial viability of the PlatinCoin.

Bitcoin is without a doubt the mother of all cryptocoins and the real driving force of the entire crypto market. Therefore, it is not the goal of the PlatinCoin to copy and compete with Bitcoin. Instead, it aims to create a new market, in which the criteria of everyday and mass suitability play the key role. PlatinCoin is meant to be easy and user-friendly.

To achieve that, our vision is to begin where Bitcoin and all other coins have their gaps. Those gaps are meant to be filled through the PlatinCoin and the PlatinCoin Cryptosystem, and through the development and introduction of new technologies. It is our philosophy to do it similar to the way Red Bull did it: instead of competing with Coca-Cola as the number one on the beverage market, it created its own market of energy drinks and, in that certain market, also established itself as the number one.

It is furthermore our vision to establish ourselves as one of the leaders in the crypto currency payment market, and precisely in the segment of “mass payment means.” PlatinCoin is meant to be used as payment means for daily use. While a few market participants offer the possibility to pay with Bitcoin, it is mostly used as a marketing tool as opposed to actually being utilized. Over 90% of all Bitcoin transactions take place as part of speculation in the market.

In contrast, PlatinCoin intends to become a central transmission point for FIAT money. Fast transaction periods and low variability risks will be applicable. Additionally, comprehensive payment facilities such as debit cards, ATM’s, etc. are being implemented to become a suitable payment method on high scale for clients and merchandisers.

The PlatinCoin moreover aims to contribute to the improvement of people’s standard of living worldwide. This shall especially apply to people in developing countries who do not even have a bank account. As an instrument to increase prosperity, we have developed the PlatinCoin Minting Program. This Program allows nearly everyone to easily produce PlatinCoins themselves.


Through its innovative technological solutions, the PlatinCoin platform offers nearly endless possibilities for a wide range of services. PlatinCoin is based on the Litecoin blockchain technology, which is one of the most advanced and time-tested blockchain technologies in the world. PlatinCoin inherited the stability and network speed (transaction processing), security from attacks, flexibility and the willingness to adapt to new technologies (segregated witness, lightning network), as well as absolute transparency and a high-quality source code from Litecoin.

PlatinCoin engineers went even further. They developed the already high quality of Litecoin and made the need to use huge resources for mining, which is used in the classic Proof-of-Work method, unnecessary. Even the weaknesses of the Proof-of-Stake method were successfully minimized. Through their experience with other cryptocurrencies, they created their own unique mechanism for processing transactions and calculating fees: the PlatinCoin minting, which does not require huge computing resources or an unimaginable commitment to capital requirements, and moreover guarantees a fair and even distribution of remuneration/rewards.

The seemingly elegant and simple solution was nevertheless thoroughly tested in the PlatinCoin laboratories. Networks from thousands of nodes were modeled and tested and were confirmed to be immune to all known types of attacks on the blockchain system. Their network capacity and resistance to peak loads was also investigated and evaluated. The PlatinCoin engineers additionally did research on network partitions (splits), hacking attempts, falsification of the chain, key selection, and other problems that distributed systems face in open and publicly accessible conditions.

Main network parameters:

  • Pre-mining: 600 million PlatinCoins
  • Consensus: PoW with adjustable complexity (correction every ~ 2 days)
  • Block: size 4 MB, frequency – one block every 1.5 minutes
  • Hash function: CryptoNight

The security of any distributed system is an extremely difficult and complex task, and PlatinCoin approached this issue with great responsibility. Below are the main steps taken by the team to provide an unprecedented level of security in today’s crypto world:

A reliable and tested blockchain. After a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the current situation in the cryptoworld, the latest proven and stable version of Litecoin, the honored “old-timer,” was chosen as the basis for PlatinCcoin. It is a more flexible, fast, secure and constantly evolving successor to Bitcoin which successfully combines innovations (segregated witness, lighting network, atomic transactions, etc.) with network stability and resistance to attacks (protection from Time Wrap, 51% attack, no hard forks).

Hash function. The CryptoNight algorithm was selected as the PlatinCoin hash function. On the one hand, this makes it impossible to use existing third-party software for mining and attacks; on the other hand, it provides reliable protection of blocks and makes it impossible to use specialized equipment for mining.

The PlatinCoin Thin Mobile Wallet, PlatinCoin Thin Desktop Wallet and the PlatinCoin Secure Wallet as well as the PlatinCoin Secure Box are further developments which have improved security related to the safekeeping, administration and use of the PlatinCoin.

Block-explorer and Middleware – ancillary services that work with mobile and desktop wallets and provide a “window into the world of PlatinCoin,” allowing anyone to disassemble any block, any transaction, or any address “to the last byte.” These services provide transparency and openness to PlatinCoin without disclosing the identity of the owner and jeopardizing his private keys. In order to achieve the necessary parameters for processing speed and the number of requests, PlatinCoin engineers refused to use existing open source solutions and implemented their own middleware system using high-performance NoSQL databases that provide millions of operations per second, which allows the network to handle tens of millions of users simultaneously.


More than 200,000 individuals from more than 100 different countries have already registered as partners of the PlatinCoin. It can be expected that this number will drastically increase. These partners are interested in the purchase of PlatinCoin as an investment and payment means, and particularly interested in the expansion of PlatinCoin as well. Thus, the PlatinCoin has a huge marketing power. The crucial link of the PlatinCoin Community and its development is the CryptoMessenger, which was developed especially for this purpose.


The size of its community is an important indicator for the success of a cryptocoin. In order to increase the size of the PlatinCoin community very quickly, Platin Genesis has developed the CryptoMessenger. It is a unique device which combines the classic functionality of a messenger like WhatsApp with an e-wallet function. The integrated digital wallet provides the receiving and transferring of several popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash, and, of course, the PlatinCoin.

The Crypto Messenger has the potential to reach another dimension of users. The functionalities the messenger offers are currently unique, which will provide a very fast growth of the PlatinCoin community. It is obvious that the community size of a messenger is much larger than the entire communities of all well-known coins together. The secret lies in the combination of the already widespread technology of smartphones with the future blockchain technology. The messenger’s release is scheduled for end of March 2018 and is, as of today, an absolute world premiere.

As previously mentioned, the CryptoMessenger fulfills all functions of a state-of-the-art messenger, such as:

  • the instant exchanging of messages, photos and videos
  • conducting audio and video calls of highest quality
  • publishing articles, blogs, comments and “likes”
  • creating private groups, alert channels and
  • developing businesses on the CryptoMessenger platform

Additionally, the CryptoMessenger is also an e-wallet. The most prominent cryptocurrencies, as well as the PlatinCoin, can be received and transferred on and via the CryptoMessenger. This a unique innovation which will be completed within a few months.

A powerful multi-threaded content exchange system based on Scala, convenient mobile and desktop applications, a well-designed messenger architecture, and the results of many years of professional development, made it possible to provide millions of users around the world a solution to all of their communication needs. The deep, convenient, and seamless integration with the PlatinCoin blockchain system ensures safety and the ability to process millions of “micro-contracts” between users in a convenient and practical package.

Another important feature of the CryptoMessenger is the CryptoMessenger Award System. This system awards the use of the CryptoMessenger by providing PlatinCoins for free depending on the scope of use. In this way, the use of or communication through the CryptoMessenger is rewarded. As a result, the Messenger enables every user an additional income.

Crypto Investment Fund for Small Investors

To enter the investment circles of regulated financial markets and gain additional scaling factors, the PlatinCoin Cryptosystem will be expanded with a new and unique financial product: A public fund with the legal form of a UCITS will be implemented in the European Union. For the first time in history, such a fund will be investing in cryptocurrencies. At a later stage of expansion, this fund will also be investing in PlatinCoin Certificates.

PlatinCoin Cryptosystem

The PlatinCoin Cryptosystem consists of the following elements, which in their entirety make PlatinCoin a safe, mass-suited and successful cryptocoin:

  • PlatinCoin
  • PlatinCoin Thin Mobile and Thin Desktop Wallet as well as the PlatinCoin Secure Wallet
  • PlatinCoin Minting Program
  • PlatinCoin Secure Box
  • CryptoMessenger
  • PlatinCoin Debit Card
  • PlatinCoin Community
  • PlatinCoin Points of Acceptance
Easy Minting

PLC Secure Box – Generator of PlatinCoins


PlatinCoin „Partners promote Partners“ Program


Establishment of an International Flight and Hotel Booking Tool with PlatinCoin as payment method


Rapid expansion of our Acceptance Partner Network


Introduction of our CryptoMessenger


PlatinCoin Debit Card


PlatinCoin E-Wallet


PlatinCoin Secure Wallet


Regulatory Factors and Compliance

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Denis Bederov Technischer Direktor der PLC Group AG präsentiert die Weltraummission.

Der Satelitenträger „Soyuz-2.1a“ ist am 14. Juli 2017 um 09:36 Moskauer Zeit mit Satelliten an Bord vom Baikonur Kosmodrom erfolgreich gestartet. Die mit PLATINCOIN Logos ausgestatteten Satelliten sind ohne Komplikationen ins Weltall gestartet. So eine komplexe Mission wird zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte von Weltraummissionen von Mikro-Raumschiffen realisiert. Wir sind sehr stolz, daran teilzunehmen und behaupten, dass dies ein historischer Moment für die gesamte Kryptoindustrie ist.

* * * * *

Das Management der Firma ist davon überzeugt, dass die Aktivitäten von PLATINCOIN absolut transparent und im legalen Rechtsrahmen stattfinden müssen. Und gerade aus diesem Grund freuen wir uns besonders über viele renommierte Partner und finden bereits aktive Unterstützung auf den höchsten staatlichen Niveaus.

Am 13. April 2017 in Moskau fand auf Initiative der Staatsduma der Russischen Föderation und den Beauftragten des Präsidenten der Russischen Föderation für Menschen, Unternehmer Boris Titov ein wissenschaftlich-praktisches Forum statt. Das Thema war „Blockchain: Dialog zwischen Business und Macht“. Als Vertreter der internationalen Geschäftswelt, präsentierte eines der Gründer, Maxim Bederov, der Firma PLC Group AG ihre Lösungsansätze zum Thema „legale und transparente Anwendung der Blockchain als massentaugliche Technologie“.

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